As they say, your face is like your outfit. If you look at it as a whole, it seems to work; but look closely at each part, and you will see the flaws. Some would see problems with their eyes, their forehead, their chin, or their ears. While most would just embrace these imperfections, some would do something about it – they turn to cosmetic surgery. Some were advised that if you do something about your nose (the focal point of your face), then it may affect your overall facial one would start to question, ‘should I get a nose job?’


Should I get a nose job? : What is rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that reshapes the nose to accentuate and complement the symmetry of your face. The change would depend on the nasal attribute that you want to correct or improve – nasal flaring, bulbous tip, wide nostrils, bump on the nose bridge, etc.


Should I get a nose job? : What does rhinoplasty entail?

Knowing what the nose job would require is very important so you can fully decide if you are willing and ready to have your nose reshaped.

It is a major surgery. Contrary to what others believe that rhinoplasty is a minor procedure because it only affects a small part of the body, this procedure is more intricate and complicated than that. This operation requires around 2 hours in surgery under general anaesthesia. Remember that the nose is somehow the gateway of your respiratory system, so any change or procedure you do with your nose is a critical operation.

It takes time to heal. Rhinoplasty is not a simple surgery that requires no downtime. After the operation, you are required to stay off work for 1-2 weeks. Work restrictions and limitations are strictly advised even after the 2-week downtime so that pressure on the nose would be avoided.

There will be discomfort. After the surgery, nasal splints and packing dressings are expected to be placed inside your nose, and these would be removed in after a few days.  You can expect that your nose would be swollen for quite some time. Pain is often tolerable with the help of prescribed pain medications, but others may find the nasal congestion after the surgery to be mildly uncomfortable. Some even complain that the most challenging part of the recovery process is the swelling and waiting time for it to completely subside so you can see how your newly-shaped nose looks.


Should I get a nose job? : Are you a candidate?

There are a lot of things to consider when deciding if you want to undergo rhinoplasty or not. But what needs more emphasis is the severity of the problem that you have with your nose. Some undergo rhinoplasty because their doctor has advised them that doing so would correct a breathing or sleeping disorder. Patients diagnosed to have sleep apnea, deviated septum, or other breathing disorders can benefit from rhinoplasty as it alters the structures of the nose to facilitate better breathing and airway passage.

If your only concern is the appearance of your nose, talk to your chosen plastic surgeon so he can guide you into having realistic expectations on how your nose should look like after the surgery. No expert plastic surgeon would tell you that you will have a perfect nose after rhinoplasty. There is no perfect nose – just a nose that would fit the proportions of your face.


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