If you are reading this article, the chances are high that you have seen so many advertisements about getting a beauty makeover abroad. You became curious about why these overseas cosmetic procedures, like rhinoplasty in Thailand, became so popular that many Australians have been going in and out of the country for. Rhinoplasty, for instance, is one of the most wanted and sought-after cosmetic surgery procedures inside and outside the country. But, the first question that should come to mind when thinking about this kind of medical tourism is, is it safe to undergo rhinoplasty abroad? Let us discuss what considerations you should reflect on before taking that flight for a cosmetic procedure, like rhinoplasty, abroad.


What is medical tourism?

In general terms, medical tourism is a global phenomenon that attracts patients from different parts of the world to visit a specific country for a medical procedure. The procedure may be medical or dental, surgical or nonsurgical, cosmetic or functional in nature, but the main consideration is that they are performed outside their own country.

medical tourismOriginally, medical tourism is coined from the influx for patients from poorer or less-developed countries to progressive and first-world nations like the US, UK, and yes, Australia, to avail of medical procedures that are not available in their own country. These patients are rich and privileged individuals who are capable of paying the high cost of medical or dental procedures that a specific country upholds. Now, because so many other countries and continuously developing and improving their medical capabilities and upholding high standards in the medical and dental fields, even those in the rich and progressive countries travel to smaller nations like parts of Asia and Latin America to avail of their procedures.


Why are so many tourists embracing medical tourism?

So, you must wonder, if you are already in a leading country offering high standards of medical procedures and solutions, why would you still go abroad and get, for instance, their rhinoplasty services instead? Well, there are three primary reasons that we at Rhinoplasty Perth Cost can think of.



As mentioned before, one of the downsides of cosmetic surgery in our country is that it is expensive! Actually, all surgical procedures are costly, but because cosmetic procedures are not covered by the medical insurance policy, you would have to pay for all your expenses on your own. So the fact that countries that offer medical tourism packages for your rhinoplasty for half the price definitely would tickle your interest and curiosity, right? That fact is one of the main click baits that medical tourism ads use to attract attention and to gain popularity in the overseas market.



Because we mentioned that even third-world countries continue to progress and improve their medical services, most of their procedures are considered at par with the practices used by developed countries, like Australia. Most doctors and surgeons practicing in these foreign lands even had their training and experience in the US and UK, showing that they too can perform the medical procedures and techniques that most doctors in our country can carry out.



After your cosmetic surgery, wouldn’t it be nice to recover in a tropical island and enjoy the exotic views of paradise away from home? Patients who have had their rhinoplasty abroad have claimed that combining their affordable beauty makeover with their holiday vacation to a country with breathtaking views is totally worth it.


Rhinoplasty abroad: What should you think about it?

Now that you know why rhinoplasty patients, for instance, would want to go ahead and fly outside the country to improve their facial features, we want you to stop and think about some important and critical information that you should consider about rhinoplasty abroad.


Assess your doctor and the facility

rhinoplasty consultation abroadKnow who your doctor would be and how experienced he is when it comes to rhinoplasty. Check his before and after gallery so you can determine if his body of work will ensure the safety of your own procedure. It can also assure you, at the very least, that you have the same aesthetic wavelength. You should also ask questions about where the procedure would take place should you push through with the surgery. Having the correct and sufficient equipment and facilities in case something goes wrong during the surgery can make a huge difference with regard to your safety and peace of mind.


Inquire about your travel and procedure package

Why was the procedure offered inexpensively? What are the inclusions of the package? Are there any miscellaneous expenses that you should know of that are not included in the medical package? These questions will help you prepare a budget and assess if you really are saving money if you will travel abroad for a rhinoplasty. Make sure all the necessary factors of your stay are included – your hospital fees, the surgery fees, your accommodation- because you are primarily there to have your beauty makeover, right? You are just getting the vacation and the tropical ambiance as a bonus.


Think about your recovery post-surgery

medical tourism insurance

You may be feeling well during your stay abroad, but how would you be feeling when you get home? Find out if the clinic or hospital, as well as the rhinoplasty surgeon you are considering, are affiliated with any medical facility in your home area. This information would save you and could help if you need unexpected follow-up treatments postoperatively.


Talk to your insurance provider

Your health insurance will probably not cover or reimburse you for elective cosmetic surgery. It might also not cover any complications that may arise once you are home. Find out these pieces of information before you go so you won’t be surprised when the need arises, and you can’t rely on your insurance to help you with the expenses.



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