Many people think that getting the perfect nose is so easy. They believe that rhinoplasty can transform your nose into the likes of what Jennifer Aniston, Emma Watson, or the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has. So, we at Rhinoplasty Perth Cost would like to discuss what happens to your nose job before and after the surgery. Let us discuss how rhinoplasty is performed so you can curb your ‘rhinoplasty before and after’ expectations.


Who Can Have a Rhinoplasty?

If you think everyone is entitled to get a nose surgery anytime they want, you might be mistaken. Actually, any person who is physically healthy can inquire about getting this rhinoplasty surgery. However, if you are only getting it for aesthetic purposes only, those with mature and completely-developed nose structures are allowed to push through. This reasoning is because your ongoing nasal growth can affect the final results of the rhinoplasty, changing the finished product of your procedure.

Another deal breaker is if you have a pre-existing cardiovascular problem or has a blood condition. You should first obtain a medical clearance from your doctor so your rhinoplasty surgery results will not be blemished by post-surgical complications caused by your medical conditions.


Rhinoplasty Procedure

The whole procedure starts with a comprehensive initial consultation. This meeting will serve as a huge opportunity for you to get to know your surgeon, know his experience in rhinoplasty, discuss about your procedure and your preference, understand the ins and outs of the surgery, and get answers to all your inquiries including the risks, costs, and recovery. This consultation is also beneficial for your surgeon so he can assess your nasal condition, explain the procedure clearly from start to finish, curb your expectations realistically, and see if rhinoplasty surgery is the right cosmetic procedure for you. rhinoplasty consultationHe can also suggest additional cosmetic surgeries to further improve your facial profile, like combining your nose surgery with a chin augmentation or an eyelid surgery.

After informing you about all the things that you need to know regarding the nose job before and after the surgery, he will schedule your procedure at the nearest convenient time for you. The surgery itself is custom-tailored to fit your nasal requirements. No two rhinoplasty surgeries are identical, so it is difficult to give you a detailed explanation of the step-by-step procedures. But, to give you a background of what may happen during your procedure, talk to your doctor about how he will plan to address your needs so he can fully describe what will happen during your surgery. You need to expect that how he will do it will sound horrific and bloody, but if you are sure you chose the best rhinoplasty surgeon, you will trust his expertise and let him perform the whole nose job surgery accordingly.


Nose Job Before And After Expectations

Now that you have a bit of an inkling about how your rhinoplasty will push through, you may be wondering about the adjustments that you need to do after the nose surgery. Here are some of the tips and reminders that we can share with you so you can be aware of what will happen after the surgery and what you need to do to ensure that your procedure remains successful.


Follow Your Doctor’s Orders

Your proper wound care is essential in order to prevent any complication or reduce the risk of infection post-surgery. Be sure to maintain the integrity of your wound dressing and splints for as long as your doctor requires. This step not only protects the wound, but it also prevents swelling and helps maintain the new shape of your nose. Follow all your doctor’s instructions with sleeping, eating, moving a few weeks after the surgery.


You Need To Rest Post-Surgery

It is the discretion and assessment of the doctor as to how long you will stay off work. However, most rhinoplasty patients take at least 2 weeks off work to give an ample amount of time for their nose to recover and reduce swelling and discomfort.


Have Realistic Expectations

rhinoplasty results

If you have celebrity nose pegs, accept the fact that they may not be followed as they may not be suitable or proportioned to your face. The main objective of your rhinoplasty surgeon is to improve the shape, size, and angle of your nose to complement your facial profile. You may not get the preferred ‘perfect nose’ you are thinking about, but if the surgery is successful, you will have the perfect nose for your face.


The Final Results Of Your Nose Surgery May Take Time

A few weeks after your rhinoplasty, you may find out that the results of your surgery may take some more time before you can fully appreciate the improvement. Some patients claim that after 2 to 3 months they can visualize the positive change brought about by the nose job surgery. You can expect though that it may take 6 months to a year before all the swelling and discomfort disappear.


We hope that in reading this article, you gain additional information about what you need to expect about your nose job before and after the procedure. If you still have some more inquiries regarding this in-demand cosmetic facial surgery, do not hesitate to contact us at (08) 9701 9027 and talk to our expert surgeons and beauty specialists.

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