If you are bothered by how your nose looks or if you are having some sleeping or breathing problems, you may have heard your doctor recommend that you should undergo rhinoplasty or nose reshaping. You’ve done your homework; you have researched about the issue, the procedure itself, and its benefits. But do you know the nose job cost that you need to take care of as well? Here, we will give you a bit of information about what you need to expect about the rhinoplasty cost.


Nose job cost: Why is it so vague?

When you researched about rhinoplasty, you may have encountered some medical practice or cosmetic clinics advertising that they are experts in performing rhinoplasty. But have you noticed that most of them do not promote or include in their website the details about the nose job cost? It is because the prices vary per surgeon or clinic. All practitioners and plastic surgery establishments that perform rhinoplasty have different standards or offerings to their patents, making their price quotation different from the others.


Nose job cost: The price you pay

As mentioned earlier, there are different factors that affect the nose job cost. One of these factors is the location where you want to undergo the procedure. In Australia, you can expect an average nose job cost of $4000 to $13575, averaging to a price tag of $8175. We have gathered some information about the nose job cost in 5 different cities in Australia.



Nose job cost range

Nose job cost average


$7000 to $12100


Melbourne$3625 to $14325



$6000 to $15000$11225
Sydney$6500 to $14575



$4500 to $8000



Note that these are all rough price estimates just to help you budget and prepare for your finances when planning to undergo rhinoplasty. It is still best to consult a trusted plastic surgeon around your area so they can give you a more accurate price tag depending on your need and preference.


Nose job cost: The factors that affect it

As you can see from the figures we mentioned earlier, there really is a significant difference with price estimates in all parts of Australia. Many factors affect these price calculations, and some of them are as follows:



The surgeon. The expertise and years of experience of the plastic surgeon entail a significant amount of professional fee. There are some medical doctors who are not even licensed to perform surgical treatments and procedures and still practice and offer their services for half the price. Beware of said doctors since they lack the mastery and certification that they are fully equipped with the skill and knowledge to bring about satisfying postsurgical results.



The technique. There are so many surgical techniques that plastic surgeons practice in order to meet your needs and preference. Depending on the type of nasal issue you have, a specific method is available to address it that is priced higher than others. Discuss all your options with your surgeon, so he will have an idea about your financial concerns and even come up with surgical solutions that would fit your budget and still solve your problem.


Your insurance coverage. Cosmetic surgery procedures are often not covered by insurance since they are elective operations. However, if your rhinoplasty is used to treat an underlying sleeping or breathing problem, like a deviated septum or sleep apnea, then your insurance may cover some of the expenses. Discuss your procedure with your insurer as well as your surgeon so they can find ways of making your surgical procedure as convenient as possible.

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