Everyone wants to be beautiful. Anyone who wants to improve his or her facial features should have the right to do so. And with the rise of cosmetic surgery comes different means for people to enhance their body traits and start getting the body they have been dreaming of. One of these aesthetic innovations is the non surgical rhinoplasty. Here, we will find out facts about this non-invasive nose reshaping procedure.


Non surgical rhinoplasty: Its effect

While we all know that surgical rhinoplasty is a permanent reshaping and enhancement of your nasal profile, you can choose whether your non surgical rhinoplasty’s effect is permanent or temporary. Most dermal fillers used in non surgical rhinoplasty can last from three months to even two years, but its results fade as the injectable fillers dissolve. Some surgeons with patients who are still unsure if they want a nose job or not recommend getting the injectable filler that can last for several months. Once the patient decides that rhinoplasty is the perfect solution, he or she can either go back to have a surgical nose job or opt for a non surgical rhinoplasty using a permanent dermal filler.


Non surgical rhinoplasty: Its indication

We all know that the gold standard for cosmetic nose reshaping is still the surgical rhinoplasty, but don’t underestimate the power of non surgical rhinoplasty. It is not only intended for correcting annoying nose bumps; it can also make your nose smaller. Yes! Well, your plastic surgeon can inject some dermal filler into your nose to create an illusion that makes your nose look smaller. Experienced rhinoplasty surgeons can also use this non-invasive procedure to correct a droopy nasal tip as the filler can lift the nose and make it look pert.



Non surgical rhinoplasty: Its limitations

Because this procedure can create the illusion of a perfect nose, it can address minor nasal profile issues. But what if you broke your nose? Well, trust that the surgical rhinoplasty is still the ideal solution for you. For major nasal problems ranging from the nose being too thick, too wide, or the nasal bump is just too big, non surgical rhinoplasty is not the answer.


Non surgical rhinoplasty: The recovery time


The procedure only takes less than an hour, from applying topical numbing cream or local anaesthesia to injecting the dermal fillers. Because it has no incisions, you can gladly expect that there is no downtime when getting this nonsurgical option. Some plastic surgeons even cater to patients who treat this as a lunchtime procedure. They perform the procedure during their lunch breaks and go back to work immediately after! Although some patients may complain of bruising or mild tenderness around the area, this after-effect is very minimal if compared with the post-operative effects of the surgical rhinoplasty.


While there are hundreds of new cosmetic treatments available for everyone, like non surgical rhinoplasty, it is still best to consult your plastic surgeon. He is the best person to know what surgical or nonsurgical procedure can address your problem. Let his expertise and knowledge guide you into a more beautiful you.

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